FAQs: You ask Everlast. We answer!

1. Do you guarantee your work or offer any kind of warranty?

We guarantee that you will get the best service, from your initial call to your finished project. And, as an Owens Corning™ Certified Energy Expert® (CEE), we offer our customers a lifetime warranty* on qualifying Owens Corning products. We are a family business that comes highly recommended by both our new construction and retrofit customers. We stand behind our work and are happy to provide references upon request. We want to be here for a long time and understand excellent service is the only way our company will thrive generation to generation.

2. Do you have any industry certifications?

Yes! The effectiveness of insulation depends on many factors, including installation, product type and quality, ventilation, and, last but not least, the team installing it. Our installers have completed extensive training through the HPIP (BIBCA) and Owens Corning™ Certified Energy Expert® certification processes.

3. How does Everlast Insulation price insulation?

While we would like to say we charge a set amount per square foot for walls or attics, every situation is different and demands a more customized approach to pricing. Variables include exterior wall coverings and cavity size. Every estimate is a free, low-pressure informational meeting with either Dan Sr. or Dan Jr., who can answer any questions you may have.

4. How long will the free estimate take?

This all depends upon you, the homeowner. Dan Sr. or Jr. will spend as little or as much time as you need to determine your insulation issues, measuring the walls, attic, etc., and answering any questions you may have. Within seven days after the estimate, you will receive a signed work proposal in writing. The proposal specifies what work will be done, how it will be done, what R-values will be installed and the fixed amount to do the work. The estimate itself typically takes 20 minutes, and more time is available if you have questions.

5. Does Everlast Insulation accept credit/debit card payments?

Yes. You can use Paypal.com to register your credit card or checking account to make a secure payment to Everlast Insulation using a secure online system. Or, we accept credit cards over the phone. A 3.5% service fee will apply.

6. What other services does Everlast Insulation offer?

Many folks need general construction help, and we can do it all. While we specialize in insulation, we can install windows, doors, siding, etc. Just ask us!

7. Does Everlast Insulation handle commercial work?

Absolutely! Many of our projects involve commercial housing. Our builders have informed us that our insulation’s excellent sound reduction is great for business, providing low heating and cooling costs. We often hear that their renters want to stay in a building that has low heating and cooling costs as well as low noise.

Still have questions? We have answers. Contact us for more information about Everlast Insulation’s products and services.

*See actual warranty for complete details, limitations and requirements.